Ampco-Pittsburgh Subsidiaries to Implement Electrode and Refractory Surcharge

Carnegie, PA, November 3, 2017 -- Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation (NYSE: AP) announced today that its subsidiary, Union Electric Steel Corporation (“Union Electric Steel”), will implement an electrode and refractory surcharge on all forged rolls that it and its subsidiaries produce globally. These subsidiaries include the acquired companies formerly comprising the Åkers Group (“Åkers”). This temporary surcharge is effective for all orders to be melted on or after January 1, 2018, and for all new quotes.

The addition of this surcharge is necessary to offset the sudden escalation in the cost of refractories and graphite electrodes, which are both used in the electric arc furnaces (EAF) for the melting and forging operations of Union Electric Steel.

Petroleum-based needle coke, used to produce graphite electrodes, is in limited supply as a result of environmental inspection-linked plant closures in China. Additionally, a key electrode manufacturer located in the U.S. declared force majeure on shipments following the impact of Hurricane Harvey. Consequently, Union Electric Steel is implementing the surcharge of $0.05 per pound of finished weight for all forged rolls worldwide.

Rodney Scagline, President of Union Electric Steel, commented, “The sudden rise in the price of EAF melt shop consumables has led to unforeseeable increases in the cost to manufacture steel. These material step changes in costs cannot be offset. Union Electric Steel’s pricing must fairly reflect these sharp increases in costs so that we can continue to invest in our quality and manufacturing processes to deliver superior value to our customers.” 


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